Air Cargo Service

For many businesses, the most important step in their global relationship strategy is getting products to where their customers are. It’s one thing to enhance your brand awareness on a worldwide scale, and quite another to actually connect with international consumers by bringing your products to them.

Air cargo services can often offer an expedited shipping time in comparison to Ocean Shipping. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, A Customs Brokerage has the experience, knowledge, and partnerships to help clients decide when air cargo is the best choice and how to best plan the most efficient air cargo strategy. Our team creates bulletproof air cargo logistics strategies to increase ROI while connecting our clients with global audiences.

Timely Deliveries

Our air cargo freight services treat time-sensitive shipments with care and professionalism, guaranteeing speedy international deliveries wherever your customers are located. Goods transported using air cargo services are generally more time-sensitive than other types of shipments. For this reason, it’s additionally important that the goods are moved through the customs process without delays so that the value of any additional expense incurred from air cargo shipping can be fully realized. Our team is your cargo concierge service, with the experience and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of international freight and streamline the import/export processes so your shipments reach their destination quickly and at the lowest cost possible.


Air Cargo services may be the best strategy for your shipment, regardless of the volume of the load. Air Cargo often allows for greater control over customs clearances and delivery. In some cases, we may even be able to pre-clear goods before arrival, mitigating the risk of delays. 

Understanding The Costs

t’s important to fully understand the costs of your air cargo service before committing to an air cargo shipment. Rates can be affected by fuel surcharges, container freight station fees, airport security costs, airline handling charges, customs clearance fees, associated trucking costs, and more. A custom Brokerage will help you understand the costs of your shipment and give you the information necessary to make the best decision possible.

Contact us today to learn more about how A Custom Brokerage can provide your business with a world-class air cargo logistics strategy.

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