After months of anticipation, the Coverings Trade Show is coming up on July 7-9, 2021. Coverings: The Global Tile & Stone Experience is an annual event that brings together thousands of professionals in the stone and tile industry, including fabricators and manufacturers, distributors, architects and designers, builders and contractors, industry media, and retailers from over 40 countries. The trade show has taken place every year since 1989, and there are hundreds of events throughout the weekend. It’s an opportunity to see demonstrations, live sessions, interviews, and new products hitting the market. 

The A Customs Brokerage team has attended Coverings for years because we specialize in stone and tile import. It is a core component of our business and an industry we have decades of experience navigating. There is no better place to plug into the tile and stone industry than the Coverings Trade Show. The tile and stone trade has created an international network of professionals that strengthens local and global economies. It is invaluable for folks in the industry to meet face-to-face to expand and improve the manufacturing, distribution, and use of stone and tile products. 

The A Customs Brokerage team understands the vital role that we, as shipping and logistics specialists, play in connecting fabricators and distributors with end-users, whether they are architects, designers, contractors, or retailers. A Customs Brokerage is the link that transports materials and goods from one country to another, from one business to another, and keeps the industry moving forward – literally. We are driven by a client-focused approach and a company-wide love of helping businesses thrive. A Customs Brokerage ensures that companies hit deadlines, improve efficiency, and never waste resources on complex international shipping and logistics needs.

Not only are we mindful of the critical role global shipping and logistics plays in the tile and stone industry, but the A Customs Brokerage community is also passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with other professionals. We look forward to helping everyone in the stone and tile industry navigate the import and export process. 

Our A Customs Brokerage company is particularly excited for Coverings this year because of its Orlando location. We are a second-generation family-owned business that strives to play an active role in our local Miami community and greater Floridian community. We could not be more excited to be a resource for all of those visiting Orlando or proud to show off our Floridian culture and neighborhood. 

Connect With ACB At Coverings

The Coverings convention is one of the highlights of our year here at A Customs Brokerage. It stands as the most fantastic opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, clients, and friends while meeting new professionals from across the world who share our passion for the global production, sharing, and use of stone and tile. After such a long time of uncertainty and volatility in international tile and stone trade, bringing our industry together to innovate, inspire, and network with one another could not be more vital, especially as building, renovation, and development rates recover and rise.