You may find yourself asking, ”what does a customs broker do exactly?” Let us explain our duties for those of you who have questions and may benefit from our services. We’ll give you the common definition of what a customs broker does and tell you what we do specifically at A Customs Brokerage that sets us apart from others in our field.

Duties of a Customs Broker:

For businesses who participate in international trade, importing items into the United States can present a difficult challenge. These challenges are often due to robust regulations and processes put into place by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and other Partner Government Agencies (PGA). The most difficult outcome being the possibility of your goods being held in customs indefinitely, with no clear avenue to retrieve them.

This is where companies can benefit from the services of an experienced customs broker. Customs brokers are licensed by CBP and are aware of the laws, taxes, documentation and processes needed to smoothly import goods.

In addition to knowing the laws and financial needs required for international trade, we also arrange transportation for your items and help you to solve issues with your shipment that would otherwise take the common business owner a great deal of time and money to maneuver.

What’s Special About A Customs Brokerage?

Above and Beyond Service

You can expect us to deliver above your expectation each time as we make sure our employees are experts in the areas, but also have the personality to best serve our clients. To us, you’re not just a client, you are a partner.

We Work With the Best

We make sure to optimize our education, knowledge and skills to help you find the best options for shipping your goods and linking you to our top notch connections in the industry. You can be assured that your shipments are well taken care of and are only placed in the best hands as they travel across the world or are imported into the US.

Stay Connected Every Step of the Way

With our tracking capabilities, you always have eyes on your shipment to ease any worry you would normally face during such a process. We know how nerve wracking it can be to have a large shipment in the hands of strangers, so we do everything we can to put your mind at ease during our time working together.

Family Owned

Our founder, Juan Jose Rodriguez created the vision for A Customs Brokerage more than 40 years ago and has placed it in the capable hands of his sons Gabriel and Fernando Rodriguez who serve as President and Vice President respectively.

Services for Everyone

The customs related services we offer are below, and we work hard to be one of the industry’s leading customs brokerage companies with a personalized touch.

Our full range of customs brokerage services includes:

  • Import Entry Processing: Ensures the import process is smooth and efficient, and avoids delays and additional expenses.
  • Partner Government Agency Processing: If you don’t follow the rules of partner government agencies, your shipment will be delayed. A Customs Brokerage will assist you in complying with these agency regulations and ensuring that your shipment is not disrupted.
  • Customs Bonds: According to Customs & Border Protection rules, commercial imports worth more than $2,500 include a customs bond. Customs bonds are an essential part of doing business internationally and must be renewed on a regular basis.
  • Duty Management: You will be responsible for different duties, taxes, and fees depending on the types of products you import.

There will be additional penalties and fees which apply if you do not pay your duties, taxes, and fees on time or in full.

  • Compliance: Navigating the customs process can be complicated due to the hundreds of laws that must be followed. Unfortunately, a single misstep can cause your shipment to be delayed and result in expensive penalties.

A licensed customs broker can ensure that you follow all regulations, from classifying the products to paying the required duties and taxes.

Whatever your requirements are, we’ll work with you to customize our services to meet them. We have the expertise, personnel, and experience to expedite the clearance of your products through customs.

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