Type 86 / Section 321

If you are an e-commerce retailer who ships products to the US in bulk, a fundamental shift is occurring in how goods cross the U.S. border. Section 321 Type 86 entry filing allows for a streamlined process to help expedite border clearance and removes duties from qualified low-value shipments.

What Is a Type 86 Entry for Section 321?

A Section 321 Type 86 customs entry is an optional entry that the U.S. Customs & Border Protection created to help businesses improve their shipping operations.

It allows you to import bulk shipments into the US valued at $800 or less (de minimis value) without paying taxes duty, or fees. If the shipments need to comply with any particular data requirements from Partner Government Agencies (Participating Government Agencies), a Type 86 entry will make the clearance process seamless, ensuring approval and release.

Benefits of Section 321 Type 86 Clearance

With a Type 86/Section 321 clearance, you can speed up the delivery process of all your low-value shipments. Both filing this e-commerce entry and releasing the clearance is entirely electronic, which means more operational efficiency.

Another essential benefit is complying with any Partner Government Agency data requirements, which serve to help improve your imported goods’ safety and security.

The most considerable benefit for e-commerce retailers is significantly cutting duty costs on low-value shipments. You can also shorten the supply chain path when it comes to all international ocean or air cargo shipments, thus further reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

To put it simply, you can directly ship individual orders of up to $800 and eliminate the process of transporting to distribution centers. Everything will be fast and smooth because customs clears the shipments as duty-free.

How Can A Customs Brokerage Help?

U.S. Customs & Border Protection offers e-commerce retailers Type 86 entry filing. A Customs Brokerage can file all your Type 86 entries, ensuring all your international low-value e-commerce shipments are duty-free and reach their destinations on time. We can take care of all the necessary Partner Government Agency data requirements through the ABI (Automated Broker Interface), taking a load off of your shoulders and helping you reduce international shipping costs.

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