Drayage Increase Effective 10/18/21

Please note there will be a general Rate increase in effect for local and over the road moves beginning on all moves October 18, 2021.

Due to the continued congestion at the Port Terminals in South Florida there is a price increase on the cost of container drayage implemented to ensure driver compensation, retention and costs associated with the coordination of container deliveries.  We have carefully analyzed and delayed this increase for over one month but failure to do so will only further dilute our capability of providing you these services.

Rates to all South Florida and Florida locations have increased.

Please check with our Concierge Group, concierge@acb-us.com to confirm final rates applicable for your delivery location.

Revised Port Congestion Fee: All South Florida Port Terminals Effective 04/29/21

Due to the continued port congestion all over South Florida in both PortMiami and Port Everglades, extreme delays and lines are accumulating daily. Truckers are spending anywhere from 2-7 hours idle, simply waiting to retrieve or deliver containers. This situation has caused many independent truckers to decline to work at the terminal. It simply makes no sense for them as they are paid per trip and the excessive wait is a loss for them.

Effective Friday, May 28, our trucking companies will implement the temporary Congestion Fee in the amount of $150 for ALL terminals at both Port Everglades and PortMiami.

This fee is both for import and export cargo.

We will closely monitor this situation and will remove the fees once the conditions improve.


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